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Wichita Wedding Photographers: Why you should choose Tolman Media for your wedding

Wichita Wedding Bride and Groom

People dream about their weddings their entire lives. They dream it, they plan it, they have it --- and then it’s over.

Choosing the right wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding.

You’d be right to choose Tolman Media Kansas for your Wichita wedding.

How much do wedding photographers cost in Wichita?

It’s no secret that wedding photography is expensive.

Some photographers will charge as much as $3000 to $5000 for their services. For many couples, It’s the largest expense after their venue and drinks.

A lot of things go into the cost of wedding photography including the amount of time they’re shooting for, how far they have to travel, how in demand your wedding date is, or if they bring an assistant.

You want to make sure that you spend your money where it matters, but you also want to be able to have everything you want for the big day.

We strive to keep wedding photography and videography affordable for our clients so they don’t have to sacrifice. We believe it shouldn’t be an enormous expense to get great photos.

Here at Tolman Media Kansas we have worked to keep our costs low by working as a team and meeting remotely when possible. We also package our photography and videography together so that you don’t have to find two separate vendors.

Doing so we’re able to provide you with that great quality you are looking for. We love our clients and are excited to give them the flexibility to get that dress or that live band that was a little out of their budget and still get awesome photography.

Wichita Kansas Wedding Photographer Styles

Photographers use a wide variety of styles and you should make sure it’s a style you like.

A style some photographers use is the Photojournalist style. Photojournalism is where the photographer mostly stays in the background. They take natural pictures of the wedding from a far and do very little posing.

Another style some people use is dark and moody editing. This style is mostly done after the wedding while editing the photos. Photographers of this style tend to make their photos grittier with darker shadows and deeper blacks. The opposite of this is also a popular style with really bright and over exposed photos.

With Tolman Media, we focus on photography that is going to last, and is always going to look beautiful. Our trained photographers and editors are able to produce a consistent style that is unique to our brand.

We have developed this style so that when you show these photos to your family and friends 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now you won’t be embarrassed by some silly trend that was only cool in the summer of 2022. Cringing should be for high school yearbooks— not wedding photos.

*A great way to find out what style a photographer uses is to check out their instagram. See ours here @tmweddingsks !

Brittney and Waleed: Wichita couple Photography

Photographers and Printing Rights

Believe it or not even if you pay for wedding photography you probably don’t own your photos.

Crazy right? US copyright law dictates that the owner of a photo is the person that pressed the button on the camera, not the owner of the camera, and not even the people who paid the photographer.

Some photographers are very protective of the photos they take and will put watermarks on them and make clients pay if they want the ability to download or print their photos. Sometimes they will force the clients to use their specific overpriced printing service. So even if you spent well over 1000 dollars to get photos taken at your wedding, you could end up paying even more to be able to use your photos if you choose the wrong photographer.

Tolman Media Kansas doesn’t use watermarks or tell clients how they can use their photos. Clients can print their photos anywhere they please and are encouraged to download and share their photos with everyone.

Moral of the story— always ask about printing rights.

What is Tolman Media Kansas?

Tolman Media Kansas is a team of local photographers based in Wichita and Kansas City. Our Photographers and Videographers are professionals, focused on giving our clients timeless wedding photography that they can cherish forever.

We are the number one team in the area for affordable wedding packages. Wedding costs add up quickly, so we help you use your budget effectively by offering photography and videography together.

When you book with Tolman Media Kansas you get our amazing wedding managers to help you at every step of the planning process. They will assign one of our photographers to work with you at your wedding. They’ll also be able to handle any emergency that may come up. Because we work as a team, if the photographer gets sick with COVID or has an emergency and cancels on you; you don’t have to worry.

We love being part of the community here in Wichita and the surrounding area and we are especially excited to be a part of your wedding. Contact us now to book your perfect wedding!

Wichita wedding Bride with Bridesmaids

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