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Wichita Wedding Photographers: Outdoor Wedding Photos

Wichita Kansas is not known for mountains, beaches, or forests so you may be tempted to spend most of the wedding indoors, but DON’T.

Wichita Kansas Engagement Photos
Wichita Kansas Wedding Engagement Photos

Make sure to get outside. The fields, plains, and water around Wichita are gorgeous and make for great photos.

You can also take advantage of the urban features in Wichita too, the murals around town are a great place to get some unique photos you’re going to love.

Let your photographer know that you want to plan for some photos outside and they can help you find a good spot.

Wedding Photography Lighting

One of the biggest benefits of getting outdoors is lighting.

Outdoors during sunrise and sunset are what photographers like to call golden hour because the lighting is perfect for the most beautiful photos. You get very soft lighting that just works.

Indoor Kansas Wedding Photography
Even with a nice background and good light, there's only so much you can do indoors

Indoor photography is going to be just as important for your big day too. Since you’re likely holding the ceremony and party inside. It is a good idea to make sure that the lights are on during the important parts you want to remember.

It will look better than the photographer's

only light being a bright flash.

So even if it’s cold out or you just have everything planned inside, make sure to get a mix of both because you’re going to be glad you got those outdoor shots in your photos. Choosing a venue outside of town like Prairie Hill Vineyard gives you that opportunity.

Get photographers that know what they're doing. Contact Us here to book with Tolman Media Kansas today.

Pro Tip: add an extra session onto your photography package so that you can plan a time and place with ideal conditions. That way you get beautiful wedding photos without the wedding day stress.

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